LA cover Allure for iPhone 5 / 5S

Light and strong.

LA cover iPhone is made of ABS and provides a very light yet rigid case. Its ABS transparent sides improves your hand grip, while remaining transparent to keep a thin appearance.

Allure Family.

LA cover iPhone is available in both Allure Black and Allure Estival for a mix and match with other be.ez Allure products.

Also in iPad version.


  • Hard case protection for iPhone 5 / 5S
  • Made of high quality ABS
  • Lightweight with high rigidity
  • Easy to snap on and off
  • Transparent cristal clear grip
  • Covers all four iPhone corners front and back
  • Only 15.5g


iPod / iPhone

iPhone 5

iPod / iPhone

iPhone 5S

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101113 LA cover iphone 5 Allure Black 3700313911259
101114 LA cover iphone 5 Allure Estival 3700313911266

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