LA robe Photo

tl_files/products/color-swatch/marine-pink.gif Marine / Pink   tl_files/products/color-swatch/marine-azur.gif Marine / Azur   tl_files/products/color-swatch/marine-yellow.gif Marine / Yellow
tl_files/products/color-swatch/rose-frenchrose.gif French Rose    tl_files/products/color-swatch/rose-lovelyrose.gif Lovely Rose   tl_files/products/color-swatch/rose-sakurarose.gif Sakura Rose

Your pocket camera feels cosy.

Initially designed for the Apple notebooks, LA robe is made in a soft, shape-memory material, ideal to dress your gear in an original fashion while protecting it from mobile life worries.

This series for compact cameras features LA robe rose and LA robe Chic Marine, an asymetric opening to combine ease of use and a D-ring to secure it.

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100977 LA robe Photo Sakura Rose 3700313909997
100978 LA robe Photo French Rose 3700313910009
100979 LA robe Photo Lovely Rose 3700313910016
100980 LA robe Photo Marine/Pink 3700313910023
100981 LA robe Photo Marine/Yellow 3700313910030
100982 LA robe Photo Marine/Azur 3700313910047