LE reporter Roppongi Avenue

tl_files/products/color-swatch/club-swatch.gif Black / Tan

Distinctive, urban and contemporary design featuring waterproof coated canvas

Japan Special Edition

Based on LE reporter Air, LE reporter Air Roppongi Avenue is a special edition for Japan featuring :

  • Magnet closure for the flap, elegant and silent.
  • Special Black / Tan color
  • Nickel-brush custom pullers
  • All other neat and nice features from LE reporter Air, such as ... :

On Thin Air

Exclusive design for MacBook Air, LE reporter Air features a unique “enveloppe” shape for a messenger bag, so you can enjoy the amazing lightness and thin shape of your MacBook Air even while carrying it around with essentials.

Features & Specifications

Sturdy 12 onces canvas with PVC waterproof surface coating for all-weather protection. Nylon hi-quality strap. Magnet-secured flap with zipped pocket on the front for fast access. Zipped full-size pocket on the back. Front panel featuring another zipped pocket and two web- bings for storing special items (like newspaper or tripod). Inside main compartment: computer additional protection with elastic strap for safety and a zipped pocket with double slip- pockets organizer to keep your cash and pass- port safely inside.

Assorted colors with LA robe Tan.

About Roppongi Avenue 13'' size compatibility :

The computer pocket of LE reporter Air 13 can accomodate a MacBook Air or even a MacBook 13 without problem thanks to its folded computer sides.

Folded by default, secured with a strip of velcro on each side, the computer pocket stays flat, can accomodate a MacBook Air without getting in your way and reducing the available volume of the main pocket.

When loaded with a MacBook 13, the folded sides of the computer pocket open and make enough room to accomodate the MacBook 13 without any strain on the stitchings.

In both situations, the pocket volume and shape is perfectly adapted to each computer.


  • Water resistant 12 onces canvas with PVC waterproof coating
  • Flap closure by magnets
  • 210D nylon lining with PU backing
  • Hi quality nylon shoulder strap
  • Heavy-duty metal hardware
  • Hi density paddings
  • Dedicated computer pocket with elastic to secure your MacBook
  • Front zipped pocket on flap
  • Strap inclusions on front panel of bag to accommodate special accessories/newspaper
  • Zipped pocket on back side
  • Additional zipped pocket on front side
  • Inside zipped pocket with organizer

LE reporter Roppongi Avenue 11' :

  • 360 x 270 x 30 mm (14.2 x 10.6 x 1.2 '')
  • 730g only

LE reporter Roppongi Avenue 13' :

  • 390 x 315 x 35 mm (15.4 x 12.4 x 1.4'')
  • 800g only


MacBook Air 11

MacBook Air 11

300 x 192 x 14* mm  ~  11.8 x 7.56 x 0.55* ''
(* averaged thickness / épaisseur moyenne )

MacBook Air 13

MacBook Air 13 / compatible MacBook Pro Retina 13 & ultrabooks 13

325 x 227 x 14* mm  ~  12.8 x 8.9 x 0.55* ''
(* averaged thickness / épaisseur moyenne ) 

MacBook 13

MacBook 13 & MacBook Pro 13

330 x 232 x 27 mm  ~   13.00 x 9.12 x 1.08 ''

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101072 LE reporter Air13" Roppongi Avenue 3700313910894